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Eyelid surgery (also called blepharoplasty) is a surgical procedure that corrects the laxity of the eyelids. The skin on the eyelid area is very thin, which is why the first signs of aging such as sagging and wrinkles start to appear in this area. Over time, sun exposure, smoking, and obesity can cause the skin and muscles that hold the eyelid to relax.

This causes laxity, which is treated with this operation. Loose skin on the upper eyelid can even impair vision, making it difficult for some people to perform certain daily activities, such as driving.

Blepharoplasty tightens the skin and muscles of the eyelid and removes excess fat from the area. It can be performed either for functional or purely aesthetic reasons. It is important for the patient to have realistic expectations before deciding to undergo any cosmetic surgery. Despite the effectiveness of the operation in improving appearance and self-confidence, it is impossible to dramatically change the look of the face.
When the upper eyelid relaxes enough to block vision, then a patient may need to have surgery to correct the problem and make it easier to see.
Eyelid surgery can be applied to the upper or lower eyelid (or both areas) for purely aesthetic reasons. When fat needs to be removed from the lower eyelid, an internal incision is made so that no scarring occurs. This procedure does not affect vision but contributes to the youthful appearance of the area around the eyes.
This operation is suitable for people in good health, non-smokers, with healthy skin and without serious eye problems. Surgery is not indicated for people with ocular disorders such as glaucoma and retinal detachment, as well as people with thyroid problems, heart disease or high blood pressure.
Eyelid surgery is usually performed under local anaesthesia or sedation. The doctor may prefer total anaesthesia, as long as the patient is particularly anxious. The operation can last from 45 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the degree of intervention. In the case of upper eyelid surgery, the incision is usually made along the natural fold of the eyelid. After the incision is made, the doctor moves and reattaches the fat and removes the excess skin. In the case of surgery on the lower eyelid, the incision is made just below the lash line to remove excess skin. After the operation, the incisions are closed with sutures, surgical glue, or surgical tape.
After eyelid surgery, cold compresses and eye drops help the patient to recover better and minimize possible side effects. Most patients return to work within a few days (up to a week), but should avoid exercise, as well as any other activity that requires intense movement. The sutures are removed after 3-4 days. Usually the swelling and other possible side effects subside within 2 weeks. The patient is not allowed to use contact lenses or make up for 2 weeks after surgery. The use of sunglasses is necessary to protect the eyes from the sun and air for two weeks.
The area will show swelling and bruising which will gradually heal and the appearance of the eyelids will continue to improve, up to a year after the operation. Some of the less common side effects are inflammation, possible reaction to anaesthesia, or double vision. There may be irritation and dryness of the eyes due to the temporary change in the distribution during the production of tears. Side effects such as asymmetry or permanent scars are rare, but if they do occur, they can be treated with additional surgery. The scars that are created are well hidden, they heal over time, and gradually disappear. Although eyelid surgery does not stop the aging of the eyelids, it can certainly offer long-term results.

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